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Merciless Gladiator's Endgame

Farewell. It Was Fun Whilst It Lasted.

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Jasmyne Winternight



December 31st, 2019

Hail. (OCC)

Greetings, fellow adventurer!!

This is a light RP blog, revolving around my 'World of Warcraft' characters: Jasmyne and Winterwish, and occasionally about myself, if you would like to know more about me, Jasmyne or Winterwish: please visit my user info. I created this journal to show players (and non - WoW players) the beauty of the lands and document the little things in the game that many players may have missed (I know tons of people that do, they're all so eager to hit maximum level ^^). Anyways, the developers put alot of hard work into some of the smaller aspects of the game and I will post about all that I find in this journal. Enjoy ^_^ I also like to mindlessly jabber on about shit no-one REALLY cares about. Some use of bad language throughout this journal.

I use 'OCC' for talking about the game, 'IC' for character roleplay and 'RL' for events linked to my life.


April 23rd, 2009

I'm doing it, I finally doing it. I'm giving up WoW.
Why bother playing a game I've come to hate so much?  I've been craving some PvP action, but no-one would dare join me in the arena  :<  But I've realised something, WoW caters to endgame PvE'ers, they don't give a damn for PvP action, though they may let us believe so. So, I've decided;
I'm switching back to Guild Wars
    It seems to be the better option at the moment. It's free, the graphics are pretty, it's all about PvP and gear isn't rediculously hard to aquire. Yes, it's all about you're skill, not your gear, which is really the way it should be. Fighting games don't require you to level up and neither do FPS games, RPG's shouldn't be much diferent, in PvP competition anyways. So I probably won't be posting on here much anymore. I'm sure many WoW players will disagree, but this game really does take way too much dedication, especially when it comes to Guild raids. It'd be different if it counted towards something, say a rank on a competition leaderboard (yes, yes, I know, there's WoWjutsu and the Arena ladders), but like I've already mentioned, I hate raiding and arena hates me. One more thing, I would've loved to have entered their Arena Competition, but a price on top of the subscription charge we already pay, was in my honest opinion, bang out of order.
    I'll just be a casual player, I'll appear for the World Events, in attempt to get my pretty Proto Drake, but that's really it. I'm done with WoW. After what? 4 years of my loyalty, but I've finally had enough. It had to die sometime.
I shouldn't be sitting there playing through a game, all the time wondering what the fuck am I still doing playing it. Thinking of how much WoW has been ruined and how much I want to quit this game.

I should be having fun.

I'm just bitter and don't like change.

Anyway, rant over. I've probably contradicted myself a few times there but I really am done with WoW, at least in the sense of the amount of obsession and love I put into that game.

Rest in peace WoW, you will be very missed. The memories we shared together were actually amazing. *sigh*

/positive: Since I was such a fan of Oldschool WoW and all the memories I had whilst levelling up as a nublet, I'll share all my wonderful adventures at some point which I miss so very much.

Guild Wars, here I come.


April 9th, 2009

Nomcake (OCC).

I've decided, from now on Caerinde, I am going to call you:

Ambassador Rincake


April 8th, 2009

I haven't really been playing WoW much recently.
    But it's given me a chance to catch up on a bunch of other games, mainly console ones. I'm not really a PC gamer to be honest, so no WoW rants today I guess. But it seems everyone's a bit bored with WoW lately, I for one am not going to be properly playing Jasmyne until the new epic patch comes out (3.1 - minipets, mounts, Argent Crusade rep, PvP =D), but that'll be a while. At the moment, I'm attempting to level Winterwish and Adonia, managed to get Winter up to 57 today (YAY) which was pretty awesome. Would really like a maxed out (level 80) Tank, Priest and DPS. One third of the way there I guess ^^  But there isn't anything to do at 80 at the moment, unless you're a hardcore raider or love arena (no-one wants me in their arena team :<) or are out for achievements/armour/rep/minipets/etc.
*sigh sigh sigh*
    After successfully getting every achievement (xbox 360) for Tomb Raider Legend and Underworld, I'm now onto Anniversary. Some of the stuff I've unlocked is pretty cool and has made the game pretty fun. The time trials are a right pain though, playing through the same damn level 3+ times is not fun  >.<  I've also been trying to get back into fighting games (and failing). Either I used to be really good at Dead or Alive 4, or everyone else used to suck, I can't seem to get my rank back up to what it used to be. I think I just need alot more practice to be honest, as back when I first got it I used to play for hours every day. Still sucked mind you  rawrrawrrawr. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want that Street Fighter 4 tornament joystick, it just looks so, so yummeh. Feel like playing Deathtrap Dungeon right now.
I failed my job interview. Pffft. Oh well. No money for me.

I met up with my lovely Hickabod on the weekend. Made me so happy, but I miss him terribly  :<   <333333

Gratzies to Caerinde on her Onyxia kill!!

    I think it's time for another WoW photoshoot. I had the urge to go to The Hinterlands today and just randomly take pictures, I have a bunh in my screenshot folder already but meh. It's nice outside today and it just randomly reminded me of the Hinterlands, it's weird. But it's such a pretty place that rarely ever gets visited.


March 21st, 2009

Bah, I cba to delete my rant from the other day. It speaks teh truths.

     So, I rented out Resident Evil 5 from Blockbuster's (coz I iz too poor to afford it, iight). Done half the game already, but I must say I am impressed. It has it's good points and it's bad points but I feel like I'm only playing the game for the storyline rather than the gameplay itself, I'd rather it be a movie or something, the graphics are pretty much there already =3
    It's like a mixture of Gears of War and Resident Evil 4 imo, but I still love it as a game. It is a lot of fun. =3  And I did find myself saying 'Omg' and 'No wai' a couple times, due to some... familiar faces =3  But shush about that.  One part I was dissapointed with was that it isn't scary, at all. There has only been one moment, because it was dark and there were noises ¬_¬  But other then that, it's all been action adventure. DO. NOT. WANT.
    At least Resi 4 was slightly scary, with those Regenerator thingies *shudders*  oh my god.

Overall, I am enjoying the game so far and as a loyal Resident Evil and Capcom fan, will continue to buy games from the Resident Evil franchise.  Do want to go finish it nao =3

I love Resident Evil. It really is the best gaming series ever. It just means so much to me ^^


(And Chris Redfield is so yummy in this game  =3)

March 16th, 2009

WoW's pissed me off. Do need to vent.

I hate RP
    To be honest, I don't even know why I'm in an RP guild. I guess I just like the people, RP'ers are generally a lot more mature and friendlier. I just don't like the RP I have come across in WoW. I guess I've got myself to blame, I don't try very hard. I just always imagined WoW RP to be a lot more... I dunno, fun. I'd love to go on adventures around Azeroth and shit with a group of RPers, I love exploring. But sitting in the Pig and Whistle Inn, bitching about others and starting up intimate relationships just isn't too appealing. The events mine and other guilds run are fun, but they don't happen very often.
Guild Drama
    My mum created a guild and I've stuck my new alt in it (oh *sigh*, ANOTHER alt? Dw, imma level this one =3). It seems as though you can't be nice to players without them taking advantage and ninja-ing high quality items from you. It's insane. Question them about it and they either deny it or don't respond. FFS. People need to make their minds up, you either want to be in a guild or you don't. You don't leave, join, leave again, rejoin, then leave AGAIN. RAGDASJKASKFKLFKL   >.<
There are no PvP guilds on this server
    Alliance side anyway. I mean, there are two, but I don't even know if they're functioning guilds. Ideally I'd LOVE horde city raids, premades, arena teams, all to be organised by a guild. Problem is everyone raids. I wouldn't be able to find enough people to make a decent guild. All the Pvpers' main priority is raiding, save for a few people. I can bet Horde side has more PvP action. I guess there's only one way to find out   :<

    Why do people never help one another when getting killed? This happened to me today after Wintergrasp had ended. I was being attacked by a warlock so I decided to fight back (stupid mistake really, I had a quarter of my health, half mana, no cooldowns, no potions, no pet  :<) and was being attacked right in front of three alliance (one of which I considered a friend). No help. No heals. No ress. No revenge. *sigh*
My alt just got summoned to the top Dalaran. I feel off and died. I hate people. I hate this game.

    In other news, I need to complete Tomb Raider 3. It's annoying me. I've got to the point where I just want to get the Tomb Raider series out of the way so I can get started on the Resident Evil series. I'm absolutely gagging to get my claws into Resi 2 (and 1 mind you). I ended up playing Resi 2 for a few mins earlier, I just couldn't resist ^^  OMG mega happy it did make me. Seriously, I've never been so, so... I can't even describe the word. It was just intense happiness to a new level. This is how I should feel with every game I play. But I don't. Lame.
  I bought Adonia a lovely new sword and stuck Crusader on it. It be sexy nao. Now I just need the shoulders =3

I miss my Hickabod. Do want <3

March 8th, 2009

Long Time, No Post (OCC).

I HIGHLY recommend getting The Prodigy's new album. It is actually awesome.

So, let's see. Pet updates;
Proto-Drake Whelp - AH for 750g
Coyote Spirit - Old Hillsbrad (Heroic), dropped first time =D
Pengu - Kalu'ak Exalted
Tiny Sporebat - Sporeggar Exalted

Currently farming;
Phoenix Hatchling - Kael'thas, MgT Normal
Swift Razzashi Raptor - Zul'Gurub
Swift Zulian Tiger - Zul'Gurub (have yet to get the glitch to work :/)
    I did finally find an arena partner not too long ago, although he's a PvE specced hunter who goes to Naxx alot and isn't online very much. But I now have a mage on the team to practice with. I'm hoping we can raise the team rating a bit as I ended up getting it really low :/  Down to 1274  T_T  Oh well, gotta start somewhere, right?
    PvP-wise, I've got everything I can buy with honour (save the Savage shoulders, but I'm not gonna waste my honour on them). Probs gonna get another 13 Badges of Valor so I can get the pretty Hateful shouldies =D
    Seeing as I seem to be getting quite a collection of mounts, I may aswell go for the 50 mounts achievement, there is a pretty reward afterall. And the 100 mount one? OMG, absolutely gorgeous: Alliance/Horde.

Darkmoon Faire tomorrow, gonna see if they've got anything new.

I'm also looking forward to this 'Argent Tornament' thing coming in the next patch. I'm all for PvP, especially if the rewards include minipets =D

Also, I got 'The Love Fool' title =D  Was so close to not getting it, although I would've got it when the next patch came out. They're lowering the candy requirement achievement from 8 down to 6. Awesome for the people that couldn't get it due to that stupid candy bag luck ^_^

Shame I didn't get Peddlefeet =[

Love is in the Air +19Collapse )

January 29th, 2009


Seeing Mindless Self Indulgence tomorrow for the 4th time. So excited. =]  Although, Lyn-Z won't be there =[  But I'll live.

I got me some new gear, Deadly Gladiator's robe and legs. How yum =] Got the robe today, it's lovely, I am so happy =D I really need to go start and arena team to be honest. At the moment I'm farming WSG badges so I can go get me a lovely Mechnostrider. Yum yum yum. So I can focus on arena once I'm through with that =]

4 more elders to visit until I get my title. Then I'm one step closer to the Proto Drake =3


The book despawned a couple of seconds after I read it. SO HAPPY, NEW FAVOURITE PET =3

I also got a Cobra Hatchling the same day too. =]   Lucky day. WOOT


Thank you, Caer =3

I wanna go watch the rest of Natural Born Killers. I miss mah Hickabods. <3

January 21st, 2009

Hope is diminishing (IC).

(( Whoops! Forget I was in a battleground whilst I had WoW on windowed mode and got AFK booted out :/ I'm not a leecher I swear. So Imma write a post whilst I wait for 'Deserter' to wear off. The new patch is pretty sweet, I mean, we humans, nelfs and draenei get to ride on fucking Mechnostriders now! Nice! That just means I really wish I hadn't have spent all my PvP tokens on a damn, bloody elekk. Would much rather have had a mechnostrier. =[ Ah well. I'm just not having the best of luck with WoW it seems. I dunno why I'm using double brackets either, can't fucking stand them. But oh well. ))

Character: Jasmyne

    The attacks on Stormwind are getting ever more brutal, it's a wonder we have enough reinforcements to hold off the Horde attacks at the current intensity of the battles. I say this because last night, the Horde launched a savage attack upon our sacred city, one of the worst I've personally ever seen. The scum managed to sneak into the Deeprun Tram and overrun the oblivious guards patrolling their usual route. They all darted up to King Wrynn and sprung a brutal attack upon him.
    Fortunatly for him, many of Azeroth's heroes were in the city at the time and overheard the guard's cries. So, along we went, to defend our King and defend we did. It was a long and exhausting battle but we managed to get through it relatively unscathed. I wish I could say the same for the poor souls that lost their life defending our great city. I was almost unlucky to lose my life myself.

    And what an exhausting battle it was, I decided to hit the Pig and the Whistle for a refreshing drink afterwards, casually bumping into a few old friends whom I haven't spoken to in so long.

January 20th, 2009

So I finally got to 80, and about fucking time too.

That means I can do whatever I like now without the pressure of levelling <3
    I did my very first Wintergrasp, it was ace =] Gonna go there all the time now! Yus, that's right, I've gone PvP. Battlegrounds, Arena and Wintergrasp for me. Although, my gear is mega shite at the moment and die within 3 hits, I also respecced to destructo, not sure if that was the best idea or not (haven't been destructo in a loooong time, I end up standing there for a few seconds whilst being ganked going 'OH SHIT! WHAT SPELL DO I CAST?!!?!?!'). Or maybe I'm just a nab at PvP, I need lots of practice to be honest though.
    I got called a 'useless git' in the AB today, was funneh. And all because I didn't save some Gnome Rogue from his destined, ganked death. Haha, oh well. He said something along the lines of: 'WTF? Why didn't that 'lock at ST use fear on the horde attacking me?' (except without the spelling, grammar and punctuation skills, of course). Whoops, oh 'sorry', my bad. Yes, because I'd much rather save a rogue with half his health when I have 2 horde on myself. Yeh, 'cause he'd do the same for me...

    I got revered with the Oracles and bought a 'Mysterious Egg'. First one hatched into a White Tickbird Hatchling, second into Aged Yolk. Oh fun. I'm hoping the next one'll be something halfway decent :/  I also got my first PvP mount yesterday: a Black War Elekk. Yay!

    Hmm, what else?  OH, I did Vault of Archavon (10 and 25 man). Warlock season 5 (I think) legs dropped and the other warlock in the group won them. Mega unhappy face =[  Even though he was obviously a raider.  *sigh*  He offered me 300g, for me to let him win them. I refused, I mean why should I? I wants me some PvP gear loveage =[

And that my friends, is exactly why I don't PvE anymore. I always lose out on gear and I'm really sick of it, makes me make unhappy faces  --> =[ =[ =[

PvP FTW, yes?
I'll just need some more practice for now, and much better gear whilst I'm at it :/

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